Medium firmness latex mattresses:

23 Apr

Mattresses 100% latex or 100% latex foam the difference is in the production, in the foam the latex is emulsified with air, the real difference is represented by the 100% natural latex which has no synthetic elements in the compound.

A good latex or natural latex mattress has a hollow internal slab with horizontal pass-through channels. The height of the core must be at least 16 cm better if 18 cm in height.

Spring mattresses:

Are spring mattresses outdated? For many, spring mattresses are the best mattresses. Why? Meanwhile, we see the difference between pocket spring mattresses and traditional spring mattresses.

What is the best?

The mattress with independent and bagged springs is composed of springs that are independent of each other and bagged, that are bagged in a bag of technical fabric that must be very resistant in order to contain the movements of spring for at least 10 years.

It usually has a number of springs that varies between about 800 and 1500 springs. There are also mattresses with 2000 springs Twin mattresses and 3000 micromoles up to the mattresses with 6000 springs but the question is, who has the most springs wins?

No, the best pocket spring mattresses are not those with more springs, the mattress is evaluated in the set of parts that make it up. The traditional springs, which do not have independent springing, are a different thing, but a more stable and non-deformable box. It can be made more welcoming with Memory, Watergel, plus wool, cotton, etc. layers.

Are the Orthopedic spring mattresses outdated?

Obviously, no, the technology has continued even for this type of mattress, which still retains a heart of Bonnel springs, ranging from 400 to 700 in the bedroom, and still represents the choice of the best mattress for all those who love the mattress rigid and non-deformable. What is the best orthopedic rigid spring mattress? In our opinion, orthopedic mattress Bedding is a high mattress, very stiff and sustained but with thick padding that makes it cozy, and both sold on our website.

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