Let’s talk about the used mattress:

23 Apr

The mattress used represents a particular product category, for which it is necessary to make a separate speech. If buying a used smartphone is often advantageous, a used mattress is something completely different, starting from the economic point of view.

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Nowadays, especially online, it is possible to find new mattresses at more than reasonable prices, so that finding a new product at a similar or slightly higher price than used mattresses is not at all rare. It is fundamental to know how to look for our mattresses on the right pages, logically after having set a reasonable cost cap.

Nevertheless, if you really are sure you want to buy a used mattress you have to take several factors into consideration, because often a cheap mattress (whether used or not) is not the best mattress you can have. First of all, make sure of the condition of the mattress.

External lining, padding, and internal components: If you buy online, take care that there is a clear photo of each of these components. Do not limit yourself to contacting the seller to inform you of the status and be wary of wordings such as: “Mattress used as new”. It is impossible for used mattresses to be like new ones. If possible, check it before buying.

Once you have ascertained the good condition of the mattress used, in all its parts, ask how long it has been used. In fact, even a low-quality mattress, used for 15 years, may seem in excellent condition if thoroughly washed and recently cleaned. Obviously, all this will be just a facade, which hides the real state of wear of a used mattress. Find out about the mattress manufacturer; if it is a quality product it will surely have a residual duration of discreet use. If it is a question of cheap products beware. These mattresses often have a considerably shorter lifespan than any other.

Not only but also:

Evaluating the state of a used mattress is not easy, but it is essential. In fact, in the lining, in the padding, and in the inner part can be nested millions of bacteria, mites and humid residues, which have accumulated during use.